Lost Circulation

Formation Seal (F, M, C)


  • Formation Seal is a natural fibers-blend of cellulostic material that has been formulated and processed to produce a unique material that combats any and all loss-circulation problems.
  • Formation Seal comes in three grades: FINE (F) 50 Median Microns, MEDIUM‎ (M) 105-150 Median Microns and COARSE(C) 420-840 Median Microns.


Appearance Brown Powder
Specific Gravity 0.9 - 1.2 g/cm3
Bulk Density 720 kg/m3
Solubility Immiscible


  • FORMATION SEAL is recommended to be added to the mud prior to entering a suspected loss-circulation zone at a concentration of 5 - 30 lb. /bbl.
  • Mix 20 - 40 lb. /bbl of FORMATION SEAL in the slug pit, make random sweeps with this mixture as you drill ahead. The amount of losses will determine the particles size of product and the volume of the sweeps. Leave FORMATION SEAL slurry over the open hole prior to running the casing and cementing.
  • Normal treatment is 0.25 - 0.5 lb/bbl with hourly addition of 50 - 100 lb depending on drilling rate and formations penetrated. Overtreatment should be avoided as it may render the viscosity too low or result in a high solid build-up.


FORMATION SEAL (F, M, and C) is available in 25 lb (11.33 kg) sacks, palletized as 40 sacks per pallet.

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