Fluid Loss Reducer



PBS Plug is a surface-mixed, pump able plugging material, formulated to provide a rigid cross-linked gel structure. PBS Plug 500 and PBS Plug 2000 contain sized particles of borate mineral salts and special polymers which provide formulating flexibility to meet various formation requirements in lost circulation applications.


Appearance Brown Powder
Specific Gravity 1.2g/m3
Solubility Insoluble in water


PBS Plug is a unique system whose main application is the control of lost circulation. The final consistency of the PBS Plug also allows it to be easily drilled after the chemical setting reaction has been completed. Calcium chloride may also be added as a secondary accelerator to modify the PBS Plug shear strength for the following applications:

  • Open Hole Cement Retainer
  • Pre-Cement Pad
  • Profile Modification
  • Consolidating Cement Material
  • Kick-off Plug


The base density for 100 lb/bbl of PBS-Plug is 10.1 lb/gal, but weights up to 17.0 lb/gal, can be achieved with the addition of barite or other inert weighting material.

Product Raw Material Functions
PBS Plug (500) Blend of polymers and 500 micron borate salt Viscosity, filtration control, bridging
PBS Plug (2000) Blend of polymers and 2000 micron borate salt Viscosity, filtration control, bridging


PBS-PLUG (500 - 2000) is available in 50 lb (22.7 kg) sacks, palletized as 40 sacks per pallet.

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