Optimizing Wellbore Productivity

Nahr Oil Services (NOS) is a drilling fluids services provider in the hydrocarbon exploration and production industry providing integrated services to optimize and maximize wellbore productivity. We provide our clients with advanced technologies along with the best engineering practices. We continually innovate and improve our mud system to successfully support our clients in the most complex drilling environments safely and effectively.

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Solutions Engineered To Meet Your Needs At Every Stage of the Drilling Process



Design that mitigates the risks and calculates the right solution ahead of drilling to maximize cost savings and well performance


Leverage production technology solutions that anticipate fluid related issues and optimize production rates

Environmental Responsibility

Treatment technologies designed to reduce environmental impact


Highest commitment to safety for our customers and our employees

Optimizing Wellbore Productivity

Discover how Aphron fluid technology involves dynamic multiple phase flow that controls whole fluid, filtrate and solids invasion into your reservoir. The co-polymers and surfactants package, or “aphrons”, in the fluid systems give the fluid some very unique properties. The ability of this fluid technology to deliver solids free invasion control is a key differentiator from perceived competitive products.

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CL Free

Meet challenging drilling targets with minimal environmental impact. The CL Free system was developed in response to onshore environmental concerns, in order to avoid chloride and high-salinity WBMs while improving solids removal efficiency.

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